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Zane McKell's journey into the pool industry began during high school. He joined a small pool business, tackling pool cleaning and equipment repairs with enthusiasm. For five years, he dedicated himself to the company until he turned 19.

At that point, Zane embarked on a two-year mission to Lima, Peru, serving his church. This eye-opening experience abroad added depth to his worldview.

Returning home, he briefly worked for a larger pool company before feeling a strong urge for entrepreneurship. Despite an attempt at college, Zane realized his passion lay in starting his own venture. In 2016, he took a leap of faith, diving headfirst into the pool business.

Thus, Pool Master Over Texas came into existence. What began as a small endeavor gradually blossomed into a thriving enterprise, a testament to Zane's dedication and commitment.

Today, Pool Master Over Texas thrives, delivering exceptional service and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Zane's gratitude extends to his loyal clientele, whose unwavering support fuels the company's growth and success.

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