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Freeze Protection

Updated: Jan 20

Freeze protection is an essential feature in your pool equipment that safeguards various components from potential damage during cold weather conditions. When temperatures drop, water inside the pool plumbing, pipes, and pool equipment can freeze, causing expansion and potential cracks or breakage.

To prevent this, modern pool equipment, such as pumps, heaters, and filters, often comes with built-in freeze protection mechanisms. These systems are designed to activate automatically when the temperature drops to a certain level, typically around 35°F.

The freeze protection feature works by monitoring the outdoor temperature or water temperature and activating the equipment periodically to circulate water, preventing it from stagnating in one place long enough to freeze. For instance, the pump may intermittently turn on to move water through the system, or heaters might activate to maintain a minimum temperature.

Additionally, some systems may have sensors or timers that trigger the operation of the equipment or activate a specific mode to prevent freezing. These safety measures help avoid costly damage to your pool equipment and plumbing, ensuring that your pool remains in good condition during colder weather.

It's important to note that while freeze protection is an effective safeguard, it's still advisable to take proactive measures to protect your pool during freezing temperatures. This includes proper winterization procedures, such as draining water from exposed pipes, covering the pool, and using additional protective measures recommended by your pool professional to complement the equipment's freeze protection

If you lose power it is vital that you drain as much water out of your equipment as quickly as possible. Here is a video from the 2021 freeze when we lost power and how you can drain your equipment!

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